Masisi applauds Batswana

27 Oct 2019

 President  elect, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi has applauded Batswana for maturity, peacefulness, sincerity, exemplary and consistency without traditions conduct that they expressed during the 2019 general elections.

He said this during the post-general elections Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) press briefing in Gaborone on Saturday.

Despite prior  elections expressions that suggested that Batswana wanted change, Dr Masisi said Batswana had displayed a heightened and improved level of confidence and trust in the BDP as demonstrated by the turnout to vote and the pattern of their voting.

He further expressed gratitude towards the BDP leadership and structures across the country, attributing the success of the elections by the team led by campaign manager Ms Tebelelo Seretse.

“The BDP had increasingly been perceived as a dwindling force of yesteryear, but the resuscitation which would continue because we are expecting the next elections in 2024 to do even better than we have done currently.”

He thanked their opponents, the opposition, for displaying maturity and willingness to play by the rules in engaging them politically, as they were part of their recipe as they have always been of the success of democracy and multi-party democracy that thrives on debate and consensus.

Dr Masisi stressed that despite their political differences and ideological differences they remained an ancient state, a republican nation state and a nation where the state comes before the individual, the tribe or ethnic group.

He said it was important to them as such as it would be heretical for them as leaders to posture the opposite as if the individual, tribe or ethnic group came before the nation’s state, as there was no such formulation in their construct.

He reminded the democrats about principles echoed by their founding President who stood firm in his belief in democratic ideals of republicanism and ideals in putting nation before person, hence he gave his birth right in support of building a united nation. This, he said was exemplary followed through by his successors Sir Ketumile Masire and Dr Festus Mogae respectively.

He thanked former BDP councilors and MP's and newly elected MP'S and councilors, particularly the women who saw it fit to elect the unfortunately very few women that the party had to field.

“Thankfully the constitutional provisions that allow for the election of specially elected members of Parliament would be very heavily skewed towards the women folk being elected.”

Further, he noted that he was glad and proud that the observers declared the elections to be free and fair and made recommendations where possible.

He expressed delight towards International community, regional bodies institutions including domestic ones and the press for the vigilance and hard work that they put in for the greater flow of information on elections.

He said election results were telling, of their ability after many dry decades of taking political charge of the capital city, Gaborone, and reminded all those elected not to celebrate for too long and realise that it was an honourous responsibility placed on them and promised to ensure  delivery.

The results were also quiet revealing and that the patterns of voting were very indicative of the thirst that people were quenched, and indicated by their ability to sweep the stakes in areas that were traditionally opposition strong hold, he said.

Dr Masisi said it was pleasing that they were in charge of an overwhelming majority of local councils across the country.

He also commended Ms Anna Mokgethi for working tirelessly and under pressure for clinching Gaborone Bonnington North.

He noted that in 2014, the BDP lost all constituencies in South East region but this time around they managed to clinch them all with huge margins. Also he thanked the people of Moshupa/Manyana constituency for registering the highest margin in the country.

Dr Masisi said the BDP was going to strengthen itself as an institution to enhance their capabilities by strengthening its representatives, and harnessing its processes of selection of leadership through training as the party school would be put in place, and hopefully develop a new set of criteria for becoming eligible to be representing the people as well as to modernise their selection for election.

‘As the BDP, we will work closely with the government in prioritising and refining policy as we  sharpen their ability to deliver, ’ he explained.


He noted that they would not be  ‘shy to borrow from outside and get help in the ability to transform the economy for they have to. As there are many friends out there whom will be willing to help them." ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Leungo Rakgati

Location : GABORONE

Event : press briefing

Date : 27 Oct 2019