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Voting extended at Kgwanyape kgotla

24 Oct 2014

At 8 p.m, about an hour and a half, after voting stations closed at 7 p.m, there were still about 60 people in the queue at a polling station in Ledumadumane East in the Mogoditshane constituency. 

Presiding officer, Ms Nametso Sebitla stated that they were hoping to clear the queue quickly so that the counting process could begin. She said no voter arrived later than 7 p.m when the gates were shut, but they had to deal with the long queue of those who were already in the kgotla shelter.

Ms Sebitla added that upon completion, the ballot boxes will be transported to Moamogwa Primary School where counting for the council seat will be conducted.  The youth were the predominant group in the queue. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Portia Keetile


Event : General election

Date : 24 Oct 2014