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Govt accelerates digital connectivity

07 Feb 2023

 Botswana’s goal of achieving a high income country status by 2036 rests primarily on the strength of its digital ecosystem, specifically on access to affordable information and telecommunications technology ( ICT) infrastructure.

Therefore, government sees digital transformation as central to the country’s national development agenda, said the Minister of Finance Ms Peggy Serame when delivering the 2023/24 Budget Speech in Parliament on Monday.

Ms Serame consequently proposed a development budget of P2.62 billion for projects that would facilitate digital transition by accelerating connectivity nationwide and closing the connectivity gap.

Some of the digital transformation initiatives, she said, would include moving government services online, leveraging smart technologies to address food security as well as transforming the education sector.

“Other digital transformation initiatives are full migration from analogue transmission to digital terrestrial television, ensuring that the country benefits from the digital dividend, high definition broadcast and the implementation of a digital competency framework which aims to build the digital literacy of the general public and the public service,” the minister said.

Further to this, Ms Serame said, the Village Connectivity Project Phases 2 and 3, which targeted 61 villages and 212 public facilities, would commence in March, while preparations and planning for Phase 4 targeting over 301 villages, would commence in the 2023/2024 financial year. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kamogelo Matlala

Location : Gaborone


Date : 07 Feb 2023