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BDP promises to improve lives

23 Oct 2014

President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has called on residents of the Serowe North constituency and Batswana in general to vote for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)  in the Friday general elections.

Speaking at the Serowe North BDP star rally in Serule on October 22, President Khama said Batswana should vote for the party in large numbers and ensure that the BDP wins the elections with a big margin.
He said BDP promised to better the lives of Batswana, make job creation a priority, take Batswana out of poverty, increase education funding and fight corruption, among other things.
He said in 2008, Botswana was affected by the world economic recession, which had a negative impact on financial status of the country. He said some development projects that were earmarked to take place were shelved.
He said instead, some of the funds were used to cushion the lives of Batswana especially those who had little means or no means during the economic recession through programmes such as ISPAAD and the poverty eradication programme.
He said government introduced poverty eradication programme to empower Batswana to start projects that would enable them to gain income and sustain their lives and families during and beyond the recession.
Furthermore, he explained that BDP government initiated the ISPAAD programme to engage Batswana in agriculture and to help them grow their own food and also sell some of their produce to gain income for their families.
He noted that through the ISPAAD programme agriculture produce has increased where last year it increased by 300 per cent and this year, the produce increased by 500 per cent. 
President Khama informed attendants at the rally that BDP is a stable party and currently in a very good state. He said the party is stronger and more vibrant than during the 2009 general elections.
He further said the party has been recruiting new members from opposition parties who have joined the BDP which shows that Batswana have trust in BDP. He said Batswana from opposition parties know that BDP is the only party that can better the lives of citizens. 
Meanwhile, President Khama noted that government has been rated number one in Africa in terms of governance which means BDP has been doing well in running the affairs of the country, bringing developments and taking care of Batswana.
However, he expressed concern that opposition parties and other media houses have been giving negative statements about this country which could tarnish its name and scare away investors away. He said Botswana is known as a country of peace, democracy and respect for the rule of law.
He commended civil servants in general noting that they have improved in rendering service to the public in past years. He also commended former Minister of Defence Justice and Security, Mr Ramdeluka Seretse for a good job done securing the country and upholding justice.
He said the police, soldiers and prison have worked hard to fight crime resulting in crime going down in the country. Also the judiciary has done well in upholding justice. Further, he commended the BDF for helping wildlife officers to fight poaching. 
For his part, Mr Kgotla Autlwetse, who is the BDP parliamentary candidate for Serowe North constituency called on civil servants not to let the issue of salary increment to pry on their judgement in voting BDP.
He explained that when the economic recession took place, government opted not to cut jobs as recommended by the International Monetary Fund, but rather to maintain its work force and not increase salaries. 
He explained that in other countries many people lost their jobs and families had to suffer, but in Botswana government opted to look after her citizens. He said due to the fact that the economy is recovering, government will consider increasing salaries.
Meanwhile, Mr Ramadeluka Seretse called on residents to vote for Mr Autlwetse and the BDP councilors in the coming general elections. He said Serowe North constituency is a strong hold for the BDP and opposition parties are not a threat.
He urged residents not to vote for independent candidates or opposition parties in the coming general elections.  
In the meantime, Mr Autlwetse will be up against, Mrs Basego Motswakhumo of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Mr Ishmael Selebogo of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Tshepho Mongwa


Event : Political rally

Date : 23 Oct 2014