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Vendors profit from Festival

23 Apr 2024

Ms Koolebogile Molomo has commended the Hika la Ngwanyana cultural festival for providing her with the opportunity to thrive in food business. In an interview with BOPA, she described the festival as a game-changer for the people and vendors of Moshupa and the nearby villages. 

She expressed gratitude to the government, particularly the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), for their support. 

She explained that vendors only had to pay P50 for stalls, allowing almost everyone to earn an income. 

The event attracted a large crowd, with attendees from Thamaga, Jwaneng, Kanye, and other villages. 

Therefore, many people benefited from this festival. 

This initiative by the Ipelego Trust was a significant breakthrough for the different businesses. 

Ms Molomo typically makes over P3 000 in a good month, and she said she was thrilled to potentially earn even more during the festival due to the high turnout. 

She expressed gratitude to LEA for providing affordable stalls and organising them on behalf of the vendors. 

She believes that if more service providers adopted this approach, it would not only benefit families but also boost the economy.

Ms Molomo said she has applied for Chema Chema and is currently awaiting a response. 

She said with more than nine years of experience in the food business, selling hot dogs and lunch boxes, she believes that Chema Chema would change the lives of many people. 

Supporting vendors through the Chema Chema Fund could have multiple benefits beyond alleviating poverty, she noted. 

Onother vendor, Masego Kwenantle, from Moshupa said through this fund, small vendors would be able to boost local economies by creating jobs. 

For instance, at the festival, she said, that she had temporarily employed two people to assist her in selling food. 

Therefore, upon acquiring the Chema Chema funding, this will create jobs, alleviating unemployment among the youth. 

"This also stimulates demand for goods and services and contributes to overall economic activity," she said. 

One Mogosi, also a vendor from Thamaga, said with access to funds, vendors could invest in training and skill development, improving the quality of their products or services. 

Additionally, she said, financial support could enable vendors to innovate and develop new products or adopt new technologies, making them more competitive in the market. 

With hopeful hearts, all the vendors have applied for the fund in their respective areas and are hoping to have access to money so that they can improve their lives. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Bakang Wren

Location : Moshupa

Event : Interview

Date : 23 Apr 2024