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Ghanzi company diversifies

23 Apr 2024

In today’s increasingly globalised world, local businesses often face tough competition from large corporations and online retailers.

Therefore, for local businesses to survive and thrive in the market, it is imperative for communities to support them by procuring produce and using their services, says Member of Parliament for Ghanzi North, Mr John Thiite. 

Touring Prolick Botswana Mill on Friday, Mr Thiite commended the Ghanzi-based, high-quality animal feeds company for embarking on the diversification drive and introduced a local product, Laduma super maize meal. 

Mr Thiite said the product line expansion was aligned with Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi’s economic and transformation plan, which emphasises on the vital role of manufacturing in creation of employment opportunities and fostering economic diversification. 

“Prolick is not just a mill centre but a symbol of innovation and progress in our community” he said. 

He said Prolick has positioned itself to lead the way in promoting economic growth and sustainability, therefore imploring the community and government institutions to support the company in order to thrive. 

He said more than 95 per cent of the company’s produce was for export.

 Mr Thiite said the company has so far employed 30 Batswana. 

He added that through support from the local community and government entities, the factory would triple employment numbers for the local community. 

“In essence, supporting a local business like Prolick is not just about aiding one entity, it is about investing in the growth prosperity of an entire community,” he said. 

He appealed to the company to be complaint with all necessary procurement requirements and to liaise with Botswana Investment and Trade Centre(BITC) for extensive business exposure. 

The Director of Prolick Mill, Mr Quinton Barnes, said the company was producing animal feeds for the local market, but saw it fit to increase production by producing maize meal that aided them to penetrate international markets. 

Mr Barnes said the company heeded government’s call on economic diversification drive by expanding their products line. 

Currently, the Prolick Mill has the capacity to produce 45 000 tonnes of its products in a day. 

He said the company has established market in some African countries such as Zambia, South Africa, and Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). 

However, Mr Barnes said low supply of locally produced maize was one of their primary challenges, forcing them to source it from neighbouring countries. 

Therefore, he implored local farmers to produce more maize to meet the supply and demand of the market. 

The Deputy Chairperson of Ghanzi District Council, Mr Gabriel Nguahoka, has commended the company for propelling the economic diversification drive. 

Mr Nguahoka urged the community to support local businesses, saying they have a massive contribution to the growth of local industries and the overall economic stability of the district. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Malebogo Lekula

Location : GHANZI

Event : Tour

Date : 23 Apr 2024