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Leaders expect more from MMG

22 Apr 2024

Some North West District leaders have expressed optimism that the takeover of Khoemacau Copper Mine by the giant mining company, MMG, will unveil more opportunities to the Ngamiland community, region and the nation.

They shared their views during a momentous occasion to celebrate the unveiling of MMG Khoemacau Copper Mining, saying the takeover implied key underpinnings of sustainable economic development.

“This ceremony is indicative of the importance of shared values and common sustainable development goals towards sustaining livelihoods and economic development,” said Kgosi Tawana II of Batawana when welcoming guests.

Kgosi Tawana said the advent of Khoemacau Copper Mining’s sustainable mining practices and socio-economic impact in the region had greatly diversified the economy as a key source of employment and improved livelihoods.

He said the Ngamiland area was renowned for its unique and diversified natural heritage, hence a tourism hub in the country and thus was hopeful that MMG Khoemacau would operate a safe and sustainable mine in the region.

Today, he said, the world was faced with interlinked threats and challenges that required shared responsibilities and contribute to a common vision of sustainable development.

He acknowledged that MMG-Khoemacau’s values and commitments addressed common concerns in mineral exploration and mining at all levels of development hence the need for concerted efforts towards addressing all socio-economic challenges which not only government and tourism industry could resolve.

He highlighted that Khoemacau Copper Mining’s approach to sustainable mining reflected ‘whole of society’ and ‘whole of government’ approaches to sustainable livelihoods.

“As a corporate citizen, Khemacau mine connects and coordinates across all societal institutions and engages with parliaments and local communities in unprecedented ways. The mine recognises that people are the reason of safe and sustainable mining, developing our people and our culture as a key value,” he added.

Member of Parliament for Ngami constituency, Mr Caterpillar Hikuama, said he appreciated the new ownership saying the trust and relationship between nations emanated from their shared aspiration for a better future for humanity and the common would to work together towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Mr Hikuama said the move by MMG to acquire, operate and expand mining in their region and country, strengthened macroeconomic development and built greater synergy for global growth.

“It is well-known that MMG is a listed company in the stock exchange and this gives us even more trust that our economies of scale and sustainability frameworks objectives will be accomplished,” he added.

He said the enlistment of MMG in the Hongkong Stock Exhange, did not only bring about hope but also a well-focused commitment on green development to actively tackle climate change. He said humanity still faced many challenges in addressing climate change and promoting green and low-carbon transition and acknowledged that MMG was guided by sustainability frameworks to address challenges of climate governance towards efficient green and low-carbon technologies in their mining business.

MMG chairperson, Mr Jiqing Xu, said the event signified China’s substantial investment in Botswana and strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two nations.

He said the inclusion of Khoemacau in the MMG portfolio, showed a significant progress towards realising their strategic vision of becoming a leading international mining company committed to a low-carbon future.Their ethos of “We Mine for Progress” he said underscored their unwavering commitment to creating enduring value for their shareholders and the communities.

“We are steadfast in our resolve to develop Khoemacau to its fullest potential, with plans to more than double its production capacity from the current 60 Ktpa to over 130 Ktpa. This will be achieved through a continued emphasis on safe operations and by investing in the training and development of our current and future employees,” he added.

He noted that before they set their sights on the horizon of possibilities that lied ahead, it was imperative to acknowledge the collective efforts that had paved the way for the momentous occasion and thus thanked government, Khoemacau management and China embassy for the support and encouragement to reach the significant milestone.

“We have facilitated the realisation of this ambitious project and at MMG, we are driven by a commitment to build wealth through the development of the people and by forging strong partnerships with local communities to drive economic growth and create value for our shareholders,” he said.

He said their vision, values, governance structure and code of conduct served as the guiding principles that underpinned their operations.“Khoemacau stands as a testament to the exceptional dedication and perseverance demonstrated over several years in building this world-class asset,” he said. “Moreover, it serves as a beacon of hope, generating positive impact for all stakeholders within Botswana.” ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : TOTENG

Event : unveiling of MMG Khoemacau Copper Mining

Date : 22 Apr 2024