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Alliance Francaise hosts creatives

11 Apr 2024

France’s involvement in the local creative industry is not only an investment in the arts and culture, but for Botswana’s overall benefit, said Shombi Ellis, CEO of the National Arts Council of Botswana, at the Botswana-France cultural exchange held in Gaborone on Tuesday.

The event, courtesy of Alliance Francaise Gaborone, (AFG), brought together diplomats, artists, and community members to celebrate the beauty and diversity of cultural aspects including food, music and other artistic expressions that captured the essence of both countries cultural aspects.

Ellis described France’s involvement in the creative industry as a tremendous opportunity that continues to uncover new potentials that contributed to economic diversification and growth, stimulating innovation, worldwide exposure, and collaboration, among other things.

“Let us all continuously seize the presented opportunities from this bilateral connections and work collectively towards building a vibrant and sustainable creative industry that will bring a positive outcome in the country,” she said.

The President of Alliance Francaise Gaborone, Bokani Machinya, said Botswana-France bilateral connections had significantly connected people from a variety of backgrounds from the two countries, leading to an understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture, traditions, language, music, arts, and cuisine, among others.

She also acknowledged the Botswana government’s assistance in transforming the Alliance Francaise Gaborone into a more vibrant and dynamic cultural hub.

Machinya said that the AFG was given a plot of 2000 square meters and that AFG personnel were working on the designs of the structures to be built on the new plot.

“We are happy for the gesture and this is an opportunity for AFG to grow and showcase its journey and values in its effort to constantly promote and drive cultural diversity exchange and mutual understanding between the two countries,” she said.

France State Minister, Dr. Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, emphasised the need for the two countries to continuously engage in measures that wold enhance their cordial relationship for more mutual benefit.

She said: “The two countries share a long history of friendship, cooperation, mutual respect and understanding. We have worked together on various cultural exchange, economic partnership and diplomatic initiatives. This has not only strengthened the bond between the two countries but also enriched our societies and appreciation for one another.” ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Chendzimu Manyepedza

Location : GABORONE


Date : 11 Apr 2024