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' Chema Chema impressive initiative '

11 Apr 2024

Chema Chema is an impressive government initiative that should be tested and used to improve its outcomes, Assistant Minister of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture (MYSC), Mr Buti Billy, who is also the Member of Parliament for Francistown East, said.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Donga, Mr Billy said Chema Chema programme was not replacing other existing government programmes but rather was designed to complement them and fill unemployment gap in communities. He said it was important to implement the project so that hiccups could be identified and fixed during its operation.

Mr Billy advised the community to register for the programme and venture into diverse business ideas to avoid too much competition for the same market. 

He said Chema Chema was essential especially during the current drought that befell Botswana and Southern Africa.

He assured residents of Donga that identified loopholes within Chema Chema will be addressed and more improvements made as the programme unfolded. 

He urged them to visit any Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) offices near them to register for the programme and also get more clarity on the expectations.

Mr Billy said the previous year P929 000 was used to fix storm water drainage systems and roads using Constituency Community Project (CCP) money. 

He said this year the CCP had been awarded P1.1 million which will focus mostly on fixing roads and water drainage systems.

Ms Lerato Mogopodi, the  Donga court president, said residents should take advantage of the Chema Chema programme and use it to grow their businesses and also to start up their independent businesses as the requirements were not too strict.

Ms ogopodi complained of a rise of unpaid rental fees cases in her area, stating that the police have been an important tool in facilitating such cases as they provide them with all the necessary information needed to get in touch with the victims.

She said other problem they faced was of people not paying after being charged by the customary courts and cautioned all to desist from such to avoid further action by the long arm of the law. 

She said inheritance issues were now the privy of the High Court and no longer of the customary court. 

Therefore they should seek assistance of such relevant office.

Mr Mmoloki Shubo, a Donga resident, said Chema Chema was a good effort by government to eradicate poverty, but said the repayment period of 6 months was not sustainable period for one to make enough profit to repay the loan.

Mr Shubo said more knowledge, close supervision and training should be provided on Chema Chema so that people understood the programme before investing in it.

He complained of vandalism of traffic lights and electricity poles in Donga caused by people from outside Donga who only visit for entertainment purposes and pleaded for assistance to control movement especially at night.

Mr Mmulili Bathoiwa applauded the government for measures put in place to assist Batswana to improve their standard of living. 

He said programmes such as Chema Chema could yield results and help empower the less fortunate if effectively used. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Lechedzani Morapedi

Location : Francistown

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 11 Apr 2024