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Rely on LEA CEDA for Chema Chema Fund assistance

09 Apr 2024

Members of the public have been warned to be aware of false and fake messaging and service offerings in relation to the recently launched Chema Chema fund. 

Following the launch of the Fund on April 05, 2024, a press release from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship advises the public to take note and deal with appropriate authorities as no one is to be charged to be trained or being assisted when applying for Chema Chema funds. 

The press release emphasises that Chema Chema Fund appointed two implementing authorities, being the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) dealing with registering and training all qualifying citizens, while Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) will deal with the disbursement of funds after assessing applications of qualifying applicants. 

“No other person, company or entity has the authority or a legitimate basis for claiming to offer administrative or other such training services, including consultancies to deal with the guidelines or disbursement process,” says the press release. 

Apart from LEA and CEDA, the press release says any other person claiming to be involved with training of the public or first-hand involvement with the fund’s operational process should be avoided. 

It says the public must be wary of being misinformed or taken for an avoidable ride. 

If in doubt and outside LEA and CEDA, members of the public are advised to double check with government offices in their respective localities, primarily with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship which has the responsibility to administer the fund. 

The press release says the Ministry of Entrepreneurship has issued a public notice cautioning members of the public against the recent proliferation of misinformation on social media platforms of certain individuals or entities claiming to provide Chema Chema Fund capacity-building services to the informal sector. 

“We have also noted that several unauthorised social media pages alleging to represent Chema Chema Fund have surfaced,” it adds. “We would like to state that Chema Chema Fund does not have an official Facebook page or any other social media platform.”

It says all official communications, updates and announcements about Chema Chema Fund will be disseminated through recognised government media outlets as well as official social media pages of CEDA and LEA. 

“We urge the public to exercise caution and discretion when encountering information related to the Chema Chema Fund on social media platforms,” says the press release. 

Chema Chema Fund is a government-led initiative aimed at providing affordable short-term loans and support services to citizen informal sector businesses in Botswana. 

As such, accurate and verified information must be shared with the public to prevent misinformation and confusion. 

Any queries or concerns regarding Chema Chema Fund should be directed to the relevant authorities for clarification. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : Gaborone

Event : Press Release

Date : 09 Apr 2024