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Official implores women artistes to strive for excellence

03 Mar 2024

Women artistes have been encouraged to love their work as they seek to become better in their crafts through various trainings, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture responsible for Library Archives Arts and Culture, Tebogo Matebesi has said.

Speaking at a one-day workshop in Gaborone held under the theme: Empower Her, he said women were an important part of the society since every one exists, smile and find meaning in life because of them. 

“By attending the workshop you are perfecting your talents and learning the ropes of how to make it in the industry,” he advised.

The workshop was meant to empower women in the creative space, to impact and contribute to the advancement of gender equality in the creative arts.

He said because music was a tough sector, knowing and understanding how to maneuver the industry was key. “I wonder why musicians never attend COSBOTS capacity building workshops to understand the business side of the craft because they have helped me also as musician,” he said.

Giving an overview of the workshop, event coordinator Tshepho Ngakaagae said, despite their undeniable talent and contribution to the industry, women in music faced numerous challenges such as barriers to entry, lower pay and fewer opportunities for recognition.

She said it was evident that intervention was needed to level the playing field to ensure that women had equal access to income-generating opportunities and recognition of their talents.

“That’s why we are introducing a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering and promoting women in music; The Empower Her workshop,” she said.

She further said the workshop served as a platform for capacity building, bringing together women artistes and music business professionals, noting that the discussion session part amplifys that through the event they seek to enhance skills and knowledge of the industry.“From songwriting to music production, stage presence, and marketing, participants will gain invaluable insights and networking opportunities to help them succeed in the competitive music landscape,” she further explained.

She further said Thari Ya Sechaba will host a Jazz Festival on May 5, which would feature a lineup of  women artistes across various genres adding that the festival would not be about entertainment; but showcasing diverse talent of women in music and promoting inclusivity within the industry.

She said Thari ya Sechaba initiative would not only benefit artistes, but had far-reaching economic implications, adding that it was envisaged to create temporary employment opportunities, boost local businesses through merchandise sourcing, and stimulate spending in Gaborone and surrounding communities.

“By supporting women in music, we are not only enriching our cultural landscape, but also building a more inclusive and prosperous society for all,” she added. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Idah Basimane

Location : Gaborone

Event : Workshop

Date : 03 Mar 2024