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District records decrease in number of social grants beneficiaries

29 Feb 2024

The number of people receiving social grants in North East District has reduced because there are no new entrants of World War II veterans (WWIIV) and the passing on of their spouses.

This was said by Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Mabuse Pule when responding to a question from Tati West MP.

He said the number of social welfare beneficiaries has been fluctuating following re-assessments and mass re-assessments.

He said the drought induced programme was ceased as the district was no longer considered drought stricken.

The assistant minister explained that the social protection programme had an eligibility criteria which determined who could benefit.

Tati West MP, Mr Simon Moabi had asked the minister to explain why the number of people receiving social grants in the North East region was reduced.

He further wanted to know the criteria or factors considered in determining the reduction of social grants in the region.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : parliament

Date : 29 Feb 2024