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Ipelegeng skills development shows progress

28 Feb 2024

The implementation of the Ipelegeng skills development component started in February 2022 as a pilot project in the Southern District Council, Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Talitha Monnakgotla said.

Answering a question in Parliament on Tuesday, Ms Monnakgotla said it was meant to transform the Ipelegeng programme, adding that the roll-out to other districts was done in April 2022 and that there has been progress.

She said the turnaround time for most projects exceeded the planned period by two to three months. “We will agree that the model is relatively new as we are implementing the first batch of projects and therefore experiencing challenges,” she said.

She noted that the training aspect was competency based and individually modularised, hence the speed in which the trainees grasped the concept was taken into consideration to avert compromising quality.

The assistant minister said the model has three tangible outputs of accredited artisans, delivered projects and job creation. She added that in some cases trained artisans had worked as business clusters to employ other youths.

She noted that the construction of a LA2 house in Sexaxa in Maun East had some challenges at its initial stage and that the North West District Council had resolved to implement the project using the Ipelegeng skills development component model in April 2022.

She, however, said the project commenced in November 2022 and was expected to be completed in May 2023, adding that it was delayed mainly due to planning and logistics. “The project stalled for some time and it is currently at plumbing, electrical and plastering stage,” she said.

She said her ministry would continue to engage stakeholders through different platforms and implement recovery strategies to ensure projects were completed on time, within budget and according to standards.

The assistant minister said the Boseja Central 800 metres road was paved under the same model and was progressing as scheduled, noting that it started in October 2023 with completion expected in March 2024.

She acknowledged that some projects had cost overruns, but said continuous stakeholder engagements were producing good results.

The assistant minister said trainees who spent more time on site also resulted with cost overruns but that there has since been improvements.

Ms Monnakgotla noted that three destitute housing units were completed and that 51 accredited artisans were trained at a cost of P530 000 against the planned P390 000.

She said the cost variation was attributed to some components such as tiling and electrical works which were not part of the initial stage, but had to be added so as to cater for producing all basic trades required in building construction.

A total of 223 artisans have been accredited in bricklaying and plastering, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tiling, painting and paving, she said.

The assistant minister said 16 projects have been completed countrywide and that 51 were ongoing while 150 people have been employed as facilitators.

Maun East MP, Mr Goretetse Kekgonegile had asked the minister to state progress made on the Ipelegeng skills development component, stating the turnaround period on projects and if it made economic sense to continue with the model on public projects.

He also wanted the minister to state the turnaround period of the LA2 house in Sexaxa and why the paving of the 800 metres road in Boseja Central earmarked for the same model has not progressed as expected.

The MP asked if the extended period taken by trainers did not result with extra costs. ENDS

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Date : 28 Feb 2024