Parliament adopts missing people motion

03 Dec 2023

Parliament on Thursday adopted an urgent motion tabled by Molepolole North legislator, Mr Oabile Regoeng requesting government to swiftly put in place measures to curb incidents of people reported missing and later found dead, or never found at all.

Presenting the motion earlier on, Mr Regoeng had raised a complaint that such cases were on the rise nationally, hence the matter needed urgency.

“As lawmakers, it is upon us to come up with measures to curb this problem. We cannot risk being slow in addressing it because this may lead to people losing trust and taking the matter into their hands,” he cautioned.

Mr Regoeng also called for the establishment of a special police unit to deal specifically with such cases.

“I understand that we already have special units such as the CID and DISS, but cases of such nature are on the rise, therefore these existing special units are overwhelmed, hence the need for an additional one,” he said.

Mr Regoeng also called for a specialised court to deal with such issues.

Contributing to the motion, Member of Parliament for Selebi Phikwe East, Mr Kgoberego Nkawana requested a review of the standard operating procedure that recognised a person as missing after 24 hours.

“This is too long a time for perpetrators to finish their job and conceal evidence. So I plead that a person should be declared missing as soon as reasonably suspected, and action taken sooner,” he said.

He also called for the resourcing of the police to enable their speedy response to reports.

Gaborone North MP, Mr Mpho Balopi said magosi and churches should be involved in seeking solutions.

He also supported the formation of a special unit in the form of Diamond Squad and Anti-stocktheft.

For his part, Bobonong legislator, Mr Taolo Lucas pleaded for a national address by the President, indicating that as the national leader, his voice would be much louder.

Mr Lucas also complained that there was currently little in the law to address issues of ritual murders.

Member of Parliament for Ngami, Mr Caterpillar Hikuama also said it was ironic and selfish that one would want to improve their lives at the expense of another human being’s life.

Most legislators who contributed also pleaded that just as the motion was urgent, remedial measures should also be swiftly put in place to ensure the motion was not just talk.

For his part, Mr Regoeng appreciated Parliament for adopting the motion, saying it was deliberately open-ended to allow them to bring in their suggestions. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Olekantse Sennamose

Location : GABORONE


Date : 03 Dec 2023