Kaone Kario wins Best Actress award

27 Nov 2023

Model and actress, Kaone Kario has been honoured with the Best Actress award for her performance in the movie, Partly Cloudy and Hot at the Botswana International Film Festival (BIFF) awards on Friday.   

  The short film portrays a husband's struggle when his masculinity is questioned by his wife after she presents him with a male fertility test. 

It delves into the challenges men face in society, shedding light on the complexity of male identity and the pressures they encounter. 

Held at the Protea Hotel, the awards ceremony was a glamorous affair that blocked the streets and they were abuzz with excitement. 

Locally, Moreetsi Gabang, director of the movie Zombie Date Night in Tlokweng, won the Best Director award. 

The film explores themes of identity, family and love, presenting a compelling narrative that captivated the audience. 

Best Local Film award was conferred on Silent Screams, while the prestigious Best Film Jury Award went to the local short film Lenna, further elevating the talent and storytelling prowess of Botswana filmmakers. 

The achievements of the filmmakers from Zimbabwe were also celebrated, with Ngoda securing the awards for Best Scriptwriter and Best Sound. 

Ngoda movie intricately weaves a narrative that revolves around the diamond rush of the early 2010s, offering a well-paced and cleverly written story. 

It fearlessly tackles taboo subjects with a non-gratuitous approach to violence and introduces complex characters, including a corrupt army person, lending authenticity to the Zimbabwean narrative it tells. 

African producers and filmmakers from countries such as South Africa and Namibia were also lauded for their exceptional contributions to the industry. 

They received awards in various categories including Best Documentary, Best Animation, and Best Film.

During his remarks, Deputy Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Youth, Sport and C ulture Tebogo Matebesi emphasised the significance of the occasion, noting that as filmmakers, blocking a street was something they had always dreamt of. 

He wanted to make sure that they would remember this moment and be able to share it with future generations, emphasising the pivotal role it played in turning around the film industry in Botswana. 

Matebesi highlighted the significance of the BIFF, describing it as a beautiful and historic event for the country. 

He mentioned that while there had been local film festivals before, this was the first international film festival, which allowed them to tell the stories of Botswana and Africa as a whole. 

He emphasised the unity among African filmmakers and the support they received from across the continent in their endeavour to share their stories. 

Matebesi conveyed a powerful message of encouragement from their peers, acknowledging the beautiful and important stories that Botswana had to tell. 

He expressed his excitement and appreciation for the gathering of colleagues from various countries such South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

Matebesi also emphasised the beauty and excellence of the conversations that took place and called for a round of applause to acknowledge the positive experience. 

During the event, guests were treated to an unforgettable musical experience. 

Local musicians Kast and Mpolelele Rebabedi classic singer, Anafiki, captivated the crowd with their timeless collabo of Anafiki’s beloved song from 1982. 

To add to the musical delight, Radio Presenter DJ Gouveiah (Gouveya Mutasa) curated a selection of local music, including hits from the late Dramaboi and Sasa Klaas, keeping the guests thoroughly entertained. 

Soulful sounds of artists such as Charma Gal, Han C, and Franco further enriched the atmosphere, providing a delightful backdrop to the festivities. The award ceremony marked the culmination of a full week of masterclasses, film screenings, and networking opportunities for industry professionals from across Africa, including South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. 

It was a celebration of African cinema and a showcase of the talent and diversity within the continent's film industry. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Bakang Wren

Location : GABORONE

Event : Awards

Date : 27 Nov 2023