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Morwaeng urges men to take responsibility

19 Nov 2023

Member of Parliament for Molepolole South, Mr Kabo Morwaeng, called upon men to take responsibility for their actions. 

     Speaking during the International Men’s Day commemoration event in his constituency, Mr Morwaeng stressed the need for men to come together and find a way out of this dilemma.

  Mr Morwaeng who is also the Minister for State President highlighted that as natural providers and protectors, men should ensure the security of their families. 

   However, if women and girls live in fear of being raped and killed, it signified a dangerous society that needed to reevaluate its values. 

 He reminded men in attendance that International Men’s Day commemoration was a reminder of who they were and the role they played in society. The UNAIDS Country Director, Mr Alankar Malviya, acknowledged the challenges faced by men in providing for their families, but urged them to exhibit strength at all times. He emphasised the importance of caring for and protecting their families. Mr Malviya also urged men to avoid intergenerational sex, as it puts young girls at risk of abuse. 

  He encouraged men to seek professional help and counseling, as government had established institutions designed to assist them.

Addressing the upbringing of boys, Mr Kaone Ramontshonyana acknowledged the difficulties of raising boys in the modern era, where they are exposed to technology and peer pressure. 

 He stressed the need for determined and committed men to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing boys into responsible men. 

    Mr Ramontshonyana emphasised the importance of understanding the challenges faced by boys, in order to reach out and support them.

 Sharing his own life testimony, Mr Seabe Ramoruswana, from the Rehabilitation Centre of Ex-Offenders, acknowledged the psychological and emotional struggles experienced by men during their time in prison. 

  He highlighted the organisation’s efforts to help reintegrate ex-offenders into society and stressed that not all men in prison were inherently bad individuals. He emphasised the importance of fathers taking responsibility for raising their children, as growing up without a father can have a negative impact on children’s lives. Mr Ramoruswana urged fathers to raise disciplined children with good character.

   Renowned musician, Odirile Vee Mampeezy Sento, also shared his personal journey, recounting the challenges he faced after completing senior school, where fame and the love of fans clouded his judgment. 

 He emphasised  the necessity of taking care of one’s thoughts, as they could influence decisions. 

   Also, he spoke about the pain and backlash he experienced during a difficult divorce process, which led to suicidal thoughts. 

 However, he said he managed to overcome them and now hoped for a future remarriage.

 For his part, Mr Tlhakulagae Lenkokame from the National Men Sector highlighted the theme of the event, “Zero Male Suicides,” calling on men to guard themselves against suicide and take responsibility for their lives. He urged men facing challenges to seek help and to walk away from toxic or unhealthy relationships.

  In his closing remarks, Kgosi Kgari III expressed gratitude to the organisers of the event, acknowledging the importance of providing assistance, counseling, and a platform for men to discuss their challenges. 

 He said there was need for men to support each other during difficult times in order to become better individuals. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Booster Mogapi

Location : Molepolole

Event : International Men’s Day commemoration

Date : 19 Nov 2023