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Citrus project could empower community

19 Nov 2023

Specially Elected Member of Parliament, Ms Beauty Manake says the Selebi Phikwe citrus project has the potential to empower the community to explore the horticulture value chain

Responding to State of the Nation Address on Thursday, Ms Manake said communities in the area could venture into small businesses emanating from the horticulture project such as honey and juice production as well as food preservation.

Therefore, she urged the communities in the vicinity to focus on economic activities and create employment opportunities.

Additionally, Ms Manake said the import ban on some vegetable and horticultural product, was a positive development that encouraged local farmers to produce enough vegetables and fruits to sustain local demand.

She suggested the need to equally intensify efforts in dairy production, which she said was currently at a low of 13 per cent. 

She said for the longest time, the country had been reliant on South Africa for milk, milk products and dairy cattle, thereby encouraging Batswana to venture into the sector.

Therefore, she said should there be an increased numbers of dairy cattle, the farming community would be able to produce more milk and by so doing open up potential for other businesses in the dairy sector

Relating to cereal production and storage, Ms Manake said constructing more granaries at Pandamatenga would expand the national storage capacity and encourage farmers to increase production. 

Ms Manake said the move was strategic in terms of ensuring food security and encouraging food production.

She also added that government was also concerned by some companies that were paying low workers wages. 

Therefore, she urged companies doing business in Botswana to act responsibly and pay their employees accordingly, adding that they should be concerned by the welfare of their employees.

Ms Manake said education and sport development would play a vital role in reviving the economy of Selebi Phikwe. ENDS



Source : BOPA

Author : Moshe Galeragwe

Location : GABORONE

Event : Parliament

Date : 19 Nov 2023