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Dikakapa pays tribute to Gong Master

16 Nov 2023

 Dikakapa have returned to the music scene with the release of a new album titled, Tribute to Gong Master.

The album pays homage to late former team member, traditional song and dance giant, Mponang Ketshabile also known as Tau ya Koma or Gong Master, who died in April. 

One of the group founders, Esaleone Hendrick explained their newest release during a media briefing and listening session Wednesday in Gaborone, as an appropriate way to honour one of their own.

Proceeds from the eight-song album will fund a tombstone for the late musician, who will always be remembered for his masterpieces among them, Dilo tsa Sesha, which he performed with Dikakapa. Grace Kgwadi, another member of Dikakapa appealed to the public to purchase the album and keep Gong Master’s memory alive. 

“We humbly ask the public to support this album,” she said.

The song, A Tribute to Gong Master, stands out as it talks about the void left by the departed Setswana traditional singer. 

It narrates the talent he possessed. Another song, Maaparankwe, pays tribute to dikgosi and their invaluable contribution to society, it celebrates their significant role and honours their unwavering dedication to their people.

Other songs include Salesian, Sentseye Jalo, Kakapo Tse Ditona, Mmapatsi Phokwana and Lekgwantlhana. 

The album is already available at Bema stores and will soon be accessible on all media platforms, including Spotify. 

Dikakapa made the list of 2010 Kora Awards nominees. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bakang Wren

Location : GABORONE

Event : Tribute

Date : 16 Nov 2023