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China to improve support service for private businesses - official

15 Nov 2023

China will step up policy support and provide a better service to the private sector to facilitate its development, an official with the country's top economic planner told the China Economic Roundtable hosted by Xinhua News Agency.

China will organize six major service platforms to deliver quality services to private firms, said Wei Dong, head of the bureau for private economy development under the National Development and Reform Commission.

One platform will focus on reviewing the effectiveness of supportive policies for private enterprises, so as to make the policies more forward-looking, targeted, precise, and effective, according to Wei.

Two platforms will concentrate on seeking advice from all social sectors concerning private sector development and on facilitating the sector's exchanges and cooperation with the world to elevate its competitiveness in the global arena, the official said.

The remaining platforms will be tasked with strengthening the monitoring and assessment of private enterprises and with enhancing publicity, Wei added.

China Economic Roundtable is an all-media talk platform launched by Xinhua, with the second episode featuring the Chinese private economy.



Source : Xinhua

Author : Xinhua

Location : Beijing

Event : round table

Date : 15 Nov 2023