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RADP pageants present more opportunities - Motsaathebe

14 Nov 2023

Miss RADP does not only empower the youth who take part in the pageantry, but the whole community who benefit from the economic opportunities that come with hosting the pageant.

The event also affords local designers a platform to showcase their works as competitors mostly dorn garments designed by locals. 

The council chairperson of Good Hope/Mmathethe District Council, Fanki Motsaathebe uttered the statement on the sidelines of Miss RADP pageant, which was held at Lotlaamoreng Junior Secondary School.

Itumeleng Maswe was crowned Miss RADP for Good Hope District and bagged P2 000 while Aratwa Seumako and Keneilwe Maswe settled for first and second runner ups.

In the male category, Kaone Morwane was crowned Mr RADP and walked away with P2 000 as well, seconded by Maatla Maswe as the first prince and Goratamodimo Mereyotlhe as second prince.

Motsaathebe said even the competitors themselves were given a chance to showcase their different talents, be it poetry or traditional dance and singing skills.

The chairperson divulged that even the business community made more money through offering different services such as catering.

Sekhutlhane settlement councillor, Sedilame Moitlhabi said the pageant boosted the confidence of the constituents. 

She said it was without doubt that even those who did not emerge victorious got their self-esteem boosted in a way.

“Since they spend most of the time at the settlement, after the pageant they feel loved and appreciated by people who come in numbers to watch the pageant,” she said.

Councillor Moitlhabi expressed hope that in the near future the council would have a budget to help the winners carry out different projects in their localities because there was a lot that they could do.

“If there is a budget these people can work with different authorities in sensitising the community about the dangers of drug abuse for instance,” which she said posed as a threat to the youth.

She went on to say that it was unfortunate that after so many years of hosting the pageant, there was nothing that the former winners could show as a sign of having taken part in the event, saying it was for that reason that something needed to be done to rectify that. anomaly.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Aobakwe Molefhi

Location : GOODHOPE

Event : Beauty Peagent

Date : 14 Nov 2023