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Digital world for elderly people too

14 Nov 2023

 Members of the society have been implored to take advantage of the eBotho digital literacy initiative, which aims to equip them with essential skills, knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital landscape and use technology meaningfully.

The initiative is driven by Cybersmart Botswana in collaboration with Botswana Communication and Regulatory Authority, Botswana National Library Services and the Ministry of Communications, Knowledge and Technology .

The initiative follows the recent launch of the SmartBots Vilalge Connectivity through which government is rolling out internet connectivity to 500 villages across the country.

Speaking during the launch of the eBotho digital literacy roadshow and a workshop for elderly people in Maun, deputy district commissioner, Mr Boammaaruri Otlhogile urged Batswana to embrace the digital world to better the quality of their lives. 

Digital technology, he said had transformed nearly every aspect of modern life as work, travel, communications, education and entertainment.

He thanked Cybersmart Botswana for embarking on a series of roadshows to empower the public on the use of technology. 

Through the workshops, categories of the society such as elders, youth, the business community and professionals are drilled on online safety and cyber security as well as how they could enhance their capabilities.

 “Technology makes it easy to stay in touch with family, friends and work remotely even if you are at the farms or cattle posts. Nobody needs to feel isolated in the digital world as users can be regularly updated with news on local and social happenings,” he added.

Mr Otlhogile learning technology would help enhance people’s knowledge to access services or connect with loved ones. 

He also said that some departments were so advanced that  they now provided services online, which means clients would no longer have to travel long distances to access services. 

However, he warned members of the public to also tread wisely while using technology, saying that there were some people who took advantage to swindle others of their hard-earned cash and other valuable properties.

Programme coordinator from Cybersmart, Ms Mosadi Moloi said through the roadshow and workshops, they aimed to empower members of the public on basic computer literacy in order for them to master the intricacies of the internet to make them confident digital navigators.

“We believe that digital technology offers endless possibilities for creativity. Through the workshops, you will be able to explore digital content creation, honing skills that can enhance your personal and professional life,” she added. 

Furthermore, she proclaimed her company’s commitment to bridge the digital divide regardless of age or background, adding that the workshops were tailored to meet people’s needs with an aim to ensure no one was left behind in digital transformation.

Ms Moloi said they aspired to create digitally empowered communities where every citizen had the opportunity to engage with digital technology confidently and effectively, adding that by acquiring valuable digital skills, they would not only become better prepared for the job market, but also discover opportunities for entrepreneurship and online work. 

Meanwhile, some elders who attended the workshop appreciated the presentations, but expressed concern about cyber bullying, saying that some people used vulgar language while some used social media to discredit others. 

Cyber bullying, they said, could be particularly damaging and upsetting because it was usually from anonymous users or hard to trace. 

One of the participants, Ms Grace Wellio said youth were more advanced in the use of technology while elders most of the time became victims because they were not up to date with internet usage.

She called on young people to use technology responsibly for their benefit. 

“Our children should engage with technology safely, respectfully and ethically understanding right and wrong,” she added. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : eBotho digital literacy roadshow

Date : 14 Nov 2023