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Good work ethic key to productivity

18 Sep 2023

Continuous implementation of good and strategic work ethic procedures is key towards enhancing productivity in any workplace, says the Acting Productivity and Quality Manager at Botswana National Productivity Centre, Mr Kabo Solomon.

He said this at the two-day Institute for Labour and Employment Services (ILES) 2nd annual labour conference held in Gaborone Friday. The theme of the conference was “A Just transition and decent work: inclusive job creation approaches and effective labour market protection systems.” Mr Solomon said good work ethics were only attainable through joint efforts from different concerned stakeholders.

He said through joint efforts, concerned parties were at liberty to discuss issues of mutual concern for harmony at workplace, and it was also an ideal means to close identified gaps for improved productivity.

He said some of the issues that encouraged good work ethics pertained to implementation of formal programmes for employees’ succession and skill transfer, accountability, skill development, consistency and refraining from the culture laxity among others.

Mr Solomon noted that good work ethics encouraged and instilled the need for team work, better time management and increased efficiency as well as better means of communication.

He said these aspects also paved way to employment creation, effective use of resources, poverty alleviation and also led to the good rankings of the country on worldwide competitiveness reports on labour related matters.

“Good work ethic always have a positive impact in any given organization, and this does not only benefit the organization instead this also enhanced the country’s image and positioned it well in terms of collaboration with other countries on labour-related matters,” he said.

On other matters, Mr Solomon said the country had scored satisfying marks on the 2023 IMD Competitiveness Report that was conducted in 64 different countries across the world.

He said on working hours and females in the work force matters, Botswana scored position one, on women in management it got position 2, and on statutory minimum wage it got position 4.

He said there was need to do more with regards to worker motivation related matters and access to financial services since the country got position 64 and 61 respectively. As far as labour productivity is concerned, Mr Solomon said Botswana got position 60 while on labour force per percentage of population it got position 61. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Chendzimu Manyepedza

Location : GABORONE

Event : Two-day Institute for Labor and Employment Services

Date : 18 Sep 2023