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Perception hinders business growth

12 Sep 2023

Batswana’s perception towards purchasing and accessing local products and services continues to be a major hindrance to the growth and success of local businesses.

It has been observed that unlike in other countries, Batswana still believe in full-proofed and tested products, a major cause to falling of most businesses, a setback to improvement of the country’s economy

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), communication specialist, Ms Boatametse Mongati made these remarks while responding to some of the grievances made during the Gamaila Youth Entrepreneur meet organised by Batswana Entreprenuers, recently.

She said that these were some of the perceptions that BITC sought to address to encourage Batswana to have a positive perception about the local products and services offered by citizens, which she said would  in-turn scale up existing businesses, thus creating employment.

She noted that through the key campaign of PUSHABW they remained optimistic that Batswana would eventually understand the concept of prioritising local businesses by buying local, streaming local and watching everything local.

“Our PUSHABW is a lifelong campaign which has been in existence for more than 15 years, however much still needs to be done to change people’s perception on local products and services,” she said.

Ms Mongati further urged businesses and entrepreneurs to further explore some of the programmes and opportunities offered by BITC in growing their businesses, such as the export promotion programme.

She shared that although Botswana had a small population of 2.3 million, which restrained market access, businesses should explore the SACU market, which has a population of 630 million.

She said this was in line with government’s vision to promote investment and prioritise exports, adding that BITC was open to assisting businesses to leverage the attractive business opportunities offered in various parts of he world on various sectors including mining, agriculture and Information technology.

For his part, founder and CEO of Grey-X Group, Mr Motheo Kgengwenyane advised the youth to desist from taking loans to start businesses as that had long-term effects.

“The best way is to rely on the profits to grow business.

Through my company I was able to reinvest using exponential technologies which was more focused on creating data driven entrepreneurs,” he said.

He said that exponential technology was key in reshaping the future of businesses and solving the global challenges such as access to international market and that utilising it had a potential to scale up the business.

Mr Kgengwenyane said that through the Botswana Information Centre programme, users were able to access Botswana government, ministries and departments and were able to get their questions instantly answered about application procedures or police payment as an ease of doing business.

Mr Kgengwenyane also noted that the company also offered virtual education tutors that comprise knowledgeable panel of experts with capacity to assist GCSE and IGCSE students.

“We want to put Botswana on the map on the business space industry. This is more than a breakthrough to technology and a stride towards democratising access to knowledge, streaming communication and fostering heritage as well as a vibrant industry,” he said. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thuso Kgakatsi

Location : Jwaneng

Event : Gamaila Youth Entrepreneur

Date : 12 Sep 2023