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Kgopiso the artist decorates Bull and Bush walls

06 Sep 2023

Mpho Kgopiso’s exhibition at Bull and Bush titled Let it Rain left art lovers in awe as they witness his ‘live painting’.

What added to the stylish ambiance of the event opening was the mesmerising guitar playing and the heartfelt recital of Let it Rain poem.

In an interview with BOPA, Kgopiso revealed that he was no stranger to the art space, as he was previously a resident artist at Thapong Virtual Arts Centre and has been selling artwork overseas for many years.

With his art gaining international recognition, he now boasts of his pieces displayed in Belgium, UK, USA, and others.

His artistic journey began at a young age, and he has never stopped honing his skills.

Kgopiso, who traces his roots to Kanye and Moshupa, describes himself as a self-taught artist.

His unique artistic approach lies in his ability to channel his spirit through his brush strokes.

The paintings featured in his one-week exhibition include a depiction of this year’s Forbes Under 30 event held in Botswana.

This painting has garnered a significant amount of attention.

Discusing his artistic process, he explained that his paintings were driven by imagination and spirituality.

He stated, “I don’t contemplate what I’m going to paint; I simply pick up the brush, and before I know it, I’ve created a masterpiece.”

One of the remarkable aspects of his art is its unpredictability.

He emphasised that his viewers can never anticipate his next move, which makes his paintings even more intriguing.

Kgopiso acknowledged the power of social media in promoting artists’ work.

Through online platforms, he discovered that artists could gain recognition and success, even reaching international audiences.

He proudly remarked that all of his paintings sold overseas were initially showcased on his Facebook timeline.

This exposure led to inquiries and purchases from individuals residing in Belgium, the USA, and the UK.

He stated that his art was purely driven by love for his homeland, thus he has no intentions of relocating. While he aspires to showcase his work internationally, he firmly believes that Botswana will always serve as his ultimate inspiration.

He attributes the captivating beauty of his paintings and abstracts to the rich influences of his native country.

The 38-year-old encourages fellow artists to embrace the digital era in order to reach wider audiences and generate income online.

Although his exhibition at Bull and Bush is a solo endeavour, he previously took part in numerous art exhibitions throughout the country.

Art enthusiasts and collectors can now visit Bull and Bush and immerse themselves in the captivating art pieces that beautifully depict stories of Botswana. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bakang Wren

Location : GABORONE


Date : 06 Sep 2023