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Farmers welcome quarantine reopening

06 Sep 2023

 Farmers in Okavango have welcomed the reopening of Kgomokgwana quarantine situated near Samochima as it would cut down the cost of transporting cattle to the one in Makalamabedi.

Mr Tshupelo Moshambe, a farmer from Beetsha, said while he appreciated the development, he was worried that the distance between the quarantine and kraals where the cattle were loaded into trucks was far and sandy for tracking cattle, which led to some animals dying before loading.

Another farmer, Mr Vendaasi Lucas, appreciated the re-opening of the quarantine as a blessing to farmers.

Mr Lucas suggested that there should be a paddock for cattle to be fed at the kraals while awaiting to be transported to the BMC abattoir in Maun. He pointed out that this was important since sometimes cattle were not transported on scheduled time.

A farmer from Chukumuchu, Mr Kaire Kamuvete, suggested that the road between Kgomokgwana quarantine be gravelled or alternatively a loading ramp be erected at the quarantine to address the challenge of distance and bad road.

The Acting Chief Technical Officer fin the Department of Veterinary Services in Shakawe, Mr Serigi Serigi told BOPA that the Kgomokgwana quarantine was closed in 2008 following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Mohembo West. Mr Serigi said that other factors, such as closure of Maun abattoir, contributed to the delay in reopening the quarantine.

Mr Serigi concurred that the distance to the Makalamabedi quarantine made it too costly for the Okavango farmers.

He said the response from farmers has been positive.  ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kedirebofe Pelontle

Location : SAMOCHIMA


Date : 06 Sep 2023