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Ranamanes Tsamokoo album hits shelves

05 Sep 2023

Legendary guitarist, Ditshotlo ‘Ranamane’ Abae has released a six-track album dubbed Tsamokoo.

The Motshegaletau-born artiste is a regular in Radio Botswana’s Dipina le Maboko programme that airs on Sunday.

It is the famous guitarist’s second offering after his debut album released in 2001.

The album is an infusion of his Sesarwa and Setswana languages with traditional drums.

The 66-year-old guitarist said he chose diversity in her second offering instead of following the conventional path.

The album was recorded at TRS studios in Serowe in July and was released in August.

The album has songs such as Tsamokoo, Tjikoo e moo, Saki wa leferefere, Cindy o mabela, Mmona dilo and Iyele Tou.

Now residing in Serowe, the guitarist reminisced about his music journey.  

He said he had always known that he could sing and that he sang at functions, street corners, shops, weddings and that he had backed some artistes.

Ranamane recalled how he got inspired to perform traditional music, and he credited his father and relatives who played guitars in the evening to pass time.

“They had a big role in influencing my traditional music career,’’ he said.

He said his father bought him a guitar after realising that he was good.

Ranamane said his first album did not fair well in the market and did not get his dues because he was not registered with the Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU).

He said music brought hope to the hopeless and helped fill gaps in people who had no one to talk to.

Ranamane said being passionate about a trade was key in the creative industry as it helped one to focus even when faced with challenges such as lack of resources.

“My dream is to work with some of the local artistes as well as international ones,’’ he said.

He said Tsamokoo had enjoyed airplay on Radio Botswana and that it was played in other radio stations.

His songs in the second album is in Duma FM’s local top 5. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Tshiamiso Mosetlha

Location : SEROWE


Date : 05 Sep 2023