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Shampoonaiza motivates comedians

04 Sep 2023

Maitisong theatre was on Thursday packed with crowd providing a great ambiance to the hilarious night.

The event was the 9th Gaborone International Music Concert (GIMC) where South African comedians Chester Missing and Thapelo ‘Shampoonaiza’ Seemise joined locals; Trics, Bals, DePay and Johny Pula to iluminate the stage.

Shampoonaiza broke the ice by laying down rules and making everyone comfortable and cracked up with his engaging jokes.

The Ga Rankuwa born not only cracked the crowd, but also gave advice to the comedians and motivated Batswana to support their own.

Clad in all black outfit red and black Nike sneakers, Shampoonaiza kept emphasising the need for locals to support their own so that comedy industry in Botswana grew to greater heights.

“Your support as Batswana to local comedians will take their career far.

So it is important for you to attend their shows,” Shampoonaiza filled the entire hall with his hilarious energy as he kept introducing different acts, and giving local comedians the love and respect they deserved as he jokingly ushered them on stage.

Additionally, he said as celebrated comedians they were ready to pass the baton to new talent, and said he was excited to share his knowledge with Batswana to grow the industry.

Shampoonaiza further encouraged local comedians to learn the organisation of comedy events.

He encouraged them to always be on time and use the allocated time accordingly, adding that platforms such as GIMC Comedy nights were preparing them for bigger events.

He said whenever on stage they should be cautious of the few minutes allocated and get on to punch line jokes.

He advised upcoming comedians to be relevant and know what they are talking about in their joke delivery.

“The audience will follow when you know your stuff, but they can also see when you are all over the place,” said Shampoonaiza saying it becomes easier when a comedian is relevant and knows what they are talking about.

The show saw Trics, DePay and Johny Pula giving comedy lovers their money’s worth with relevant jokes, which ranged from relationships and the inequality between township and suburban lifestyle. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : GABORONE

Event : 9th Gaborone International Music Concert (GIMC)

Date : 04 Sep 2023