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70s 80s music lovers unwind

04 Jun 2023

Renowned 80s music Disc Jockeys (Dj) took the Gen Xs down the memory lane to the good old days with some of the hit tunes of their times at the Grand Palm 70s and 80s party on Friday.

Despite the event perhaps meant for Baby Boomers and the GenXs, the oldies affair attracted even the millennial.

Leg warmers, tutus, multi coloured beads, disco wigs, neon disco dresses, baggy tops, bell bottoms and biggie leg pants were the night highlight.

Every song that was played was familiar to the mature audience getting everyone in the hall in a party mood, some showing off the yesteryears dance moves.

After DJ Dolphus’s performance’s warm up, Botswana’s finest and most loved export DJ Oneal Africa pumped up the crowd with some super classics.

Getting off to a slow start, Oneal Africa played classics such as Sweetest Taboo by Sade, Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, Casanova by LeVert, Juicy by Mtume as well as Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to do with it among others.

Oneal Africa also rocked the audience coming closer to home, with classic hits such as Stimela Sase Zola by Mbongeni Ngema and Mmatswale by Caiphus Semenya among others, before adding in some tempo with a one-time classic hit Homeboy by Sea Bee.Ma74 as fondly called by the ma2000 or millennial generations, were on cloud nine, as they boogied the 70s and 80s styles such as breakdancing, electronic slides, moonwalks, Macarena, the twists and other common classic dances of the 70s and 80s.

Clearly the Baby Boomers and the GenXs are no different from the millennial when it comes to optics, as they also did not miss any opportunity to take pictures.

Posing in their funny styles, the photographers had a busy night with beautiful funny snaps from the crowd.

“This is an amazing experience for anyone who loves awesome dance, electronic and rock tunes especially us the so called ma74,” chuckled Rosie Mmekwa who said it was difficult for the GenXs to find anything unwinding these days with many events tailored for the yonger generations.

Another patron, Ben Mogopa said the Grand Palm 70s and 80s party was refreshing for the older generation as they reminisced with their peers in a relaxed setting.“Let us face it, we miss these old times where we just want to engage with people of the same age and minds,” Ben said adding that with such an exciting venue and a cool vibe, it is almost impossible not to have a great night out.’

Also on the line-up was Positive K, Glen Lewis, HK all from South Africa among others as well as Botswana’s Strongtivity and Otis Fraser. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : GABORONE

Event : 70s and 80s party

Date : 04 Jun 2023