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Take COVID-19 boosters - Nyanga

28 May 2023

The Ministry of Health believes that the COVID-19 situation has stabilised with less than ten infections reported per week and no deaths or hospitalisation in a long time.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Dr Christopher Nyanga said few people had been testing positive for COVID-19 in recent months. 

Dr Nyanga thus advised those eligible for COVID-19 boosters to take them so that their immunity against the disease was not compromised.

Meanwhile, he said the common cold and flu infected all people regardless of whether they were vaccinated or not, but those vaccinated against flu would have a better immune response against infection.

Dr Nyanga urged those at risk of contracting influenza like illnesses to take the flu vaccine annually, to boost their immunity against the said illnesses.

He said it was generally common for flu cases to increase during winter season due to cold weather, as influenza like illnesses generally thrived in dry and cold conditions.

He encouraged people who experienced flu like symptoms to visit the nearest health facility for medical attention. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Press release

Location : GABORONE

Event : Press release

Date : 28 May 2023