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Authors need support - scholar

23 May 2023

Members of the public have been urged to support local authors so that they gain exposure and grow.

The call was made by Dr Jeremiah Mothibi of Azuza Academy of Excellence, during the launch of a book entitled God’s Powerful Creation authored by Leburu Adrias, former DailyNews and Mmegi Newspaper freelancer.

Dr Mothibi said authors made writing a priority because they had a story they believe deserved to be told, while some wrote books relevant to local issues and perspectives, the community and its history.

Dr Mothibi said to Adrias, writing was a calling, noting that he was driven and compelled by the Holy Spirit to pen the book, which is an exposition of the Biblical book of Hebrews.

Through the book, he said Adrias wanted to share the Gospel with the community, acknowledging that he had exposed and interpreted the message in a simple way so that everyone could understand it and eventually apply the message in their lives.

“This book is more like a commentary as the author has simplified the message of God so that everyone can get it clearly and be saved. I call upon Batswana to read this exposition and understand the true doctrine of the Hebrews,” he added.

Dr Mothibi further urged members of the public to develop the habit of reading in order to create a knowledge-based society.

He also assured Adrias of his support, noting that some of his copies would be displayed at the library in his academy for easy distribution.

He also urged churches to train and develop believers for responsibilities of leadership within the church, as by so doing they learnt how to preach the word of God and reach people outside the church.

He appreciated The Lamb’s Followers Apostolic Church for taking the lead in training its followers at Azuza Academy, a theology training institution that equips the saints for God’s work.

Dr Mothibi said the church had trained over 1 000 and about 500 would graduate soon, urging other churches to follow suit.

A member of The Lamb’s Followers Apostolic Church, Dr Jeremiah Gabogololwe also commended Adrias, saying that he was indeed inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit to publish God’s Powerful Creation.

He acknowledged that the book was written from the spiritual angle to share the Gospel with the community as some people understood the Gospel through reading, while some understood it through preaching.

Maun Ministers Fraternal public relations officer, Ms Christinah Leshego congratulated Adrias for writing the book, aimed at bringing change to people’s lives.

She said Christians should live what they preached so that people could easily follow Christ.

Ms Leshego urged Christians to support one another and also participate in community activities.

For his part, Adrias said he started the book in 2018 and completed it in 2020, noting that writing a book was an enormous undertaking that took a dedicated period of time.

Although he appreciated that the task could be a fulfilling and personally rewarding process, he said he was directed by the Holy Spirit to pen the book as he used to be anti-Christ.

Returning to his church, The Lamb’s Followers Apostolic Church, he said changed his mindset and he focused much on reading the Bible, which made him see things differently.

“God turned me around and I believe people will use the exposition as the basis to understand God’s Powerful Creation of Hebrews,” he added. ENDS 

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : launch of a book

Date : 23 May 2023