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Pigs on Fire organisers promise more

15 May 2023

Food enthusiasts and pig farmers will meet for the second edition of Pigs on Fire event scheduled for May 27.

The event aims to showcase different cooking methods and motivate farmers to go into pig farming.

Event leader, Kaelo Sabone said in an interview that the event, birthed May last year, also aimed to re-ignite the food and beverage industry following the drawback caused by COVID-19.

Having been practiced in Botswana for years, Sabone reckons pig farming was not popular hence events as Pigs on Fire endeavored to inspire people to explore different ways of enjoying it.

He said foreigners living in Botswana as Zimbabweans and Chinese have invested in pig farming and were doing well.. Last year’s event Sabone said drew support from countries like Lesotho.

 “After the positive feedback from farmers and individuals, we took the event to Lesotho in August 2022, followed by Pretoria in September, Rustenburg in November and Alexandra, Johannesburg in April 2023,” stated Sabone.

This year’s edition comes loaded with non-pork options for Batswana who do not eat pork but are looking to learn new cooking skills while having a good time with friends and family,” Sabone explained.

He said the event was based on ‘the you can eat model’ that gave patrons a chance to eat from all methods of cooking using braai stands and equipment manufactured in Botswana. 

The event also seeks to inspire development of value chains in the meat industry. ENDs

Source : BOPA

Author : Bakang Wren

Location : GABORONE

Event : Pigs on Fire event

Date : 15 May 2023