Gong Master laid to rest

14 May 2023

The sleepy village of Digawana woke up to multitudes of fans and well-wishers who thronged the Ketshabile homestead to pay their last respect to Gong Master, who was laid to rest on Saturday.
The mourners did not let the loss dampen their spirits as they celebrated the traditional song and dance giant Tau ya Koma born Mponang Ketshabile, reminiscing about the good times and the music he produced.
The former army man was described by many as an individual who was strict, disciplined, but humble at the same time.
In an interview, his son Kabo, also known as Tawana ya Koma said he lost a friend and a caring father who always ensured that the family’s basic needs were met.
He pointed out that he would always remember his father’s advice that for one to live a happy life, they needed to respect other people and help those in need.
Kabo said in the company of his father, it was all fun and laughter punctuated by life lessons.
His former colleague at the barracks and band mate Moagi Jumbo Lekone from Dikakapa dance troupe concurred with Kabo that Gong Master was a caring person who ensured that whenever there was conflict, it was resolved immediately.
He said during their time at the army and at Dikakapa, Gong Master was always punctual and emphasised the need to respect fans as he deemed them their employers.
“He did not like someone who would go on stage drunk, talking behind others’ backs or coming late to a show,” he said.
Jumbo said Gong Master was a brother and a mentor to many as he helped quite a number of artistes to realise their dreams, including Dikakapa even after he went solo.
Those who knew him well said his impeccable dancing and singing pursuits started while he was still at primary school.
His other colleagues at BDF also said during his time as an army man, his unit won all the competitions, thanks to his exceptional dancing and singing skills, ultimately forming Dikakapa Dance Troupe.
He would later on go solo, releasing an avalanche of hits such as Mosasankegi, Dilo tsa Sesha, Mama le Papa, among others, which endeared him to his diehard fans and in the process revolutionalising traditional dance and song.
The Tsaya Thobane hit maker Dr Vom revealed that the fallen hero left a gap in the local music industry.
Dr Vom said Di Gong helped a lot of artistes and said it was for that reason that he would always treasure their time together.
He said the man had an unrivaled and pure talent that most of his songs were never rehearsed, adding that even if he was featured in a song, he would come up with his own lyrics on the spot.
He was an epitome of deep Setswana lyrics which ensured that he left behind a legacy never to be forgotten. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Aobakwe Molefhi

Location : DIGAWANA

Event : Funeral

Date : 14 May 2023