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BotswanaPost to integrate old age pension payments

23 Mar 2023

BotswanaPost is looking into integrating old age pension payments into the Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) system during the 2023/2024 financial year.

This was revealed by Minster of Communications, Knowledge and Technology, Mr Thulagano Segokgo when he was responding to comments made by some MPs  on the debate on the ministry’s 2023/2024 budget proposals on March 22.

Minister Segokgo told MPs that BotswanaPost had made considerable strides in offering services amid financial constraints.

“The organisation reported implementation of various innovative solutions such as VTM, Virtual Post Box (VPB), of which focus will be on phase 2 of the VTM project where there will be an integration of old age pension payments as well as renewal of vehicle licenses and other VTM capabilities such as cash dispensary,” he said.

Additionally, he highlighted noticeable increase in the use of BotswanaPost online platforms such as online renewal of vehicle licenses, mobile money wallet (poso money) and PosoApp.

That, he said had given Batswana easier access to the various services provided by BotswanaPost.

In an effort to support government’s priority of digitalisation, Minister Segokgo noted that BotswanaPost had deployed the mobile post office, an integrated Point of Sales Device that allowed agents to sell postal products anytime and anywhere in Botswana.

He said POS would also create value by unlocking opportunities to benefit Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), women and youth, adding that 3 000 devices had been procured and would be distributed.

He further told MPs that BotswanaPost was working on designing regional logistics hubs to help facilitate SMMEs growth as well as service government, SOEs and private companies in an effort to protect their core business.

Nonetheless, he said the rural areas remained non-profitable markets for BotswanaPost though the organisation continued to offer postal services under the Universal Services Obligation protocols.

“In efforts geared towards optimising postal services in general, the ministry is working on mechanisms that will ensure the service is sustainable into the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, Palapye MP, Mr Onneetse Ramogapi had during the debate, appreciated BotswanaPost’s role in providing services to Batswana across the country. However, he appealed to government to fully subsidise the organisation to enable it to efficiently execute its mandate.

Mr Ramogapi also applauded the ministry for the progress made in capacitating BIUST research on climate change.

For his part, Tati West MP, Mr Simon Moabi decried the bad state of most of the post offices in the country, hence suggested that they be refurbished.

For his part, Bobonong MP, Mr Taolo Lucas also suggested that all BotswanaPost services be digitalised and also implored government to invest in infrastructure development.

Parliament, however approved the ministry’s requested funds of over P1.8 billion for the next financial year, which comprised over P948.5 million for the recurrent budget and over P876.2 million under the development budget.

The minister indicated that the largest portion of the recurrent budget of over P555.1 million would be allocated to the Department of Information Technology (DIT), out of which P144 million would cover postal charges while P164.5 would be used for maintenance and running of office equipment. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Mosinyi

Location : GABORONE

Event : Parliament March 2023

Date : 23 Mar 2023