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Audit of ranches ongoing in Boteti

23 Mar 2023

A total of eight ranches in Boteti have been audited for European Union compliance thus far.

Boteti district council chairperson, Mr Molemi Galeragwe informed council session in Letlhakane on Tuesday that the audit which targeted ranches that supplied cattle for slaughter to the EU market commenced on March 15 and would end on April 05.

He said 767 farmers in Boteti were trained on compliance requirements since beginning of the year through online workshops and daily visits to veterinary services offices.

Also, he said the erection of major cordon fence was carried out at Phatshwanyane to Tjai sections covering a distance of 47km.

The repairs, he said, were carried out from December 15, 2022 until January 05 with a total of 40 casual labourers and 10 in-house officers engaged for the exercise.

Mr Galeragwe said funds amounting to P63 790 were used for the activity. On other issues, he said anthrax vaccination campaigns would be conducted during May and the targeted areas were Kedia and Xhumo crushes.

The chairman said Quarter evil or Black Leg mass vaccination would also be conducted during May while rabies vaccination was ongoing in Mokobaxane and Motopi areas.

On animal production, Mr Galeragwe said the department would continue to utilise the two artificial insemination camps being Makalamabedi and Makoba.

He stated that 252 animals were registered at Makalamabedi camp from 86 farmers during 2022/23 breeding season, and to date 211 animals had been inseminated while 34 were yet to be inseminated.

The chairman said Makoba camp registered arrival of 521 animals by 111 farmers and 311 animals had been inseminated while 174 were yet to be inseminated.

Further, Mr Galeragwe said in Boteti District, through Presidential Buck and Ram initiative, a total of 13 bucks and three rams were distributed to 16 farmers in Boteti West since April 2021 with 177 progeny kids and progeny lambs of the distributed bucks and rams. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thandy Tebogo

Location : Letlhakane

Event : Council meeting

Date : 23 Mar 2023