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Kereng emphasises resilience in business

19 Mar 2023

Building resilient businesses that are able to withstand challenges should be a starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Ms Philda Kereng has said.

Speaking at the annual Business and Leadership Breakfast seminar organised by Jwaneng Revelation Times Ministries (RTM) on Saturday, Ms Kereng said resilience contributed to the sustainability of businesses and in extension their impact on the communities. She implored attendants to scrutinise their business ideas and identify the ones that connected with their destinies for ultimate fulfilment.

“If your businesses are connected to God as a destiny maker, it would be helpful in guiding and directing them through the scriptures. These scriptures do not only shape the character of the entrepreneur but they also enhance resilience in business,” she said.

Additionally, the minister underscored the need to build a robust business network that would provide the necessary support to the business. 

She urged business owners to widen their networks in order to broaden their benchmarking opportunities. 

“Build networks from a variety of fields, go outside your church or social circle so that you can learn from a wide variety of people,” she noted.

Ms Kereng also encouraged them to grow their talents into income-generating enterprises that would eventually have an economic impact on their livelihoods and the society in general. She said starting small and gradually capacitating the business would go a long way in growing it towards their destinies. 

“Do not despise small beginnings because they are the way to your destiny. Keep capacitating yourself and your supporting team to strengthen your resource base and that way your business can grow into a sustainable one,” she noted.

Ms Kereng commended RTM leadership for their contribution towards building a well-rounded individual in addition to their mandate of building the spiritual aspect of people. She said that their off-the-pulpit initiative would go a long way in empowering communities and changing the economic landscape of the country.

Consequently, she emphasised the importance of partnerships between the government, private sector and the church as part of the civil society in creating empowerment platforms for the improvement of lives. She implored RTM to package the testimonies arising from their annual events to assist other young people.

For her part, Jwaneng mayor, Ms Olga Ditsie implored other churches to emulate what RTM was doing within the community. She applauded the church for its contribution in building a well-rounded individual through various activities around the township. 

“Churches should not only focus on the spiritual growth but should also look at the social and economic aspects to grow a well-rounded individual,” she said.

Furthermore, Ms Ditsie urged aspiring entrepreneurs to start off by visualising their business dreams and start working on them. Moreover, she encouraged them to work hard and believe that they could achieve their goals. “Faith without work is nothing,” she said.

RTM Jwaneng leader, Apostle Philmon Ramono said the objective of the event, which was held under the theme: Building a Resilient Attitude in the Market Place, was intended to create a platform for upcoming and existing businesses to share ideas intended to build strong businesses that were sustainable and could withstand challenges. 

He said the annual event has had a measurable impact on the communities over the years since inception seven years ago. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : kehumile moekejo

Location : Jwaneng

Event : Business Seminar

Date : 19 Mar 2023