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Greater Tonota Horticulture farmers form association

16 Mar 2023

Associations make it easier for farmers to market their produce and get assistance. 

To that end, Horticultural farmers in Greater Tonota namely Gulushabe farming area, east of Tonota, Foley, Mandunyane, Semotswane, Borolong and Shashemooke on Tuesday came together to form such an association. 

Speaking at the association’s meeting on Tuesday March 14, interim chairperson, Mr Pelotshweu Kenosi said among others, the association would look into issues of crop planning, which would go a long way in helping farmers know when to plant certain crops and resultantly increase yield. 

The other task, he said, would be to ensure that roads were continually maintained to ease produce transportation and ensure safety. 

Mr Kenosi said the association would also help farmers to properly keep their records as well as to market their produce. It would also deal with issues of crime prevention, he said. 

Another critical issue that the association would deal with, he said, would be that of storage, collection and disposal of used chemicals. 

During the meeting, each farmer contributed P50 towards the registration fee of the association. Many of those who spoke said the formation of the association was long overdue. 

Now that the association had been formed, they could easily network to improve their business and also develop personally and professionally, and to get assistance from the government, they said. 

They called on the interim committee to speed up the drafting of the constitution. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani

Location : Gulushabe

Event : Farmer\'s Meeting

Date : 16 Mar 2023