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Khoemacau Barminco hands poultry project to Somelo

15 Mar 2023

Khoemacau Copper Mining on Monday handed over a poultry project with 93 layer chickens, worth P300 000 to Somelo Village Development Committee (VDC).

The project is part of Khoemacau Community Investment strategy in partnership with their sub contracted companies’ SMEI projects. Kalcon and Barminco have donated poultry projects to Komana, Somelo and Toteng this week. 

Speaking at the donation, Barminco Operations Manager, Mr Tim Gough stated that they saw it fit to partner with Khoemacau for the Somelo project because they valued inclusion of communities within which their companies operated.

He highlighted that this project spoke to the Vision 2036 pillars of “sustainable economic development and human and social development” because it had a potential to change the landscape of Somelo.

“This is a legacy project with potential to change lives and nothing stops you from becoming powerhouse of poultry business in the region,” he said. Mr Gough said Khoemacau was currently the biggest purchasers of the eggs, working together with the poultries so that they balanced supply. 

Moreover, he said there was more market to fill in egg supply in schools, retail and selling to individuals, hence encouraged Somelo to expand the business and change lives.

Khoemacau CEO, Mr Johan Ferreira stated that the mine had initiated 10 projects in communities they operated in, which included a clinic in Toteng, four poultry projects each worth over P300 000 and donation of photocopying machines and prize giving sponsorships since 2019. He highlighted that a total of P5.1 million had been spent on legacy projects since 2019, adding that the mine, through their catering service Fresh Camp, purchased eggs from these poultries at a total of P1 million every year.

Mr Ferreira said the poultry projects ensured that communities had income beyond mine support, hence encouraged VDC to continue working hard and take care of the chickens so that it expanded.

Somelo VDC Chairperson, Mr Mogopolo Ramapodise thanked Khoemacau and Barminco for the poultry and promised that they would work hard to ensure it was a success. 

He highlighted that they received 99 chickens in October last year, six died and they were left with 93 that produced 72 eggs a day on average.

He said they supplied the mine once a week, hence supplying over 300 eggs a week. Kgosi Mokhutshwane Kemong of 

Somelo thanked the mine for the donation, adding that the mine had been assisting them through the years, having drilled a borehole and donated funds towards community projects. 

He said the poultry would generate income for Somelo and assist in village developments. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Portia Ikgopoleng

Location : SOMELO

Event : Donation

Date : 15 Mar 2023