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Edutainment initiative diversifies promotes tourism

14 Mar 2023

Mr Musa Motshodi of Tonota has introduced an edutainment initiative ‘Treasure hunt’ aimed at diversifying the tourism product as well as to promote domestic tourism. 

The initiative is an award winning game with clue-driven walking trails around tourism destinations and within visitors’ attractions.

Thirty-two year old said in an interview that the project aimed to bring exciting ways to engage groups, families and visitors to explore, re-connect with other people and the environment around them.

The trails, he said will educate, entertain and enhance the visitor experience of a destination adding that the activity was regulated by first hiding treasures that are then put on a map then tasking competitors to seek them out in lieu of a prize reward.

He is hopeful that the new project will offer a layer of engagement which is fun and enjoyable as it would cater for Batswana all categories. 

Generally the culture of Batswana, he said does not involve travelling locally for tourism engagements or leisure activities because they are of the view that travelling was a waste of money.

Batswana, he said preferred to be at their farms and cattle posts or travelling to check on their relatives and believed the project would motivate them to see traveling as a necessity to explore tourism attraction areas and heritage sites around the country.

Even those originating adjacent to heritage and tourism sites, Mr Motshodi said were not familiar with what was offered in the areas. 

“This is a new initiative aimed to teach the locals about the beautiful heritage sites in their country as well as to encourage them to visit them, appreciate and have fun. 

Most Batswana do not know the beauty of their country,” he added.

He said the hunt would take place in different locations adding that before embarking on the treasure hunt, visitors would register and then the hunt could begin. 

The initiative, he said catered for both elders, youth and kids citing that it was offering fun ways to engage kids and educate students about sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Furthermore, he said the initiative aims to coordinate an environmental awareness challenge in a fun manner adding that they would be spotting nice landscape features. 

However, Mr Motshodi appealed to the business community and the public  to support the initiative so that it becomes a success. 

The initiative, he said would also serves as a charity event and a small per cent from registration fees and potential sponsors would be donated to needy persons identified by the village leadership in collaboration with council officials.

“Treasure hunt is a great cache for different landscapes at different places in Botswana and I plead with potential sponsors to come on board and support my initiative. 

Engagement with tourism industry during one’s travel regardless of motivation is critical to the sustenance of the tourism industry,” he added. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : By Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Interview

Date : 14 Mar 2023