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Association impressed with Lobu quality

12 Mar 2023

African Dorper Association inspector and judge Mr Victor Kruger has expressed satisfaction at the quality of Dorper sheep breed at Lobu Small Stock Farm.

Mr Kruger, who is based in South Africa, told BOPA in an interview that even though more needed to be done, the farming practice at Lobu was an excellent model, which farmers could emulate to improve the quality of their flock.

His assertion follows a one-by-one inspection and selection of rams at Lobu recently in preparation for auction at the farm in the near future.

“So far everything has gone well. 

All in all the quality of rams is exceptional,” he said, adding that the quality of animals was quite good, especially looking at the veldt conditions at this time of the year. He said when grading, they considered different qualities and ranked the animals in a range of 1 to 5. The type 5 ram is close to the ideal type of ram that carries good quality meat. 

It must be masculine. A dorper is a mutton breed and should carry enough meat, be able to survive on the veldt and must be able to produce strong lambs.

He explained that when an animal was judged for quality, the body structure was tested, including teeth, hooves, testicles and colour. “A perfect dorper ram is white with a black masculine head and should not have any other spots on the body. A female must be broad at the back and must have a wide shape, long neck and a wide head,” he said. Ends 

Source : BOPA

Author : Calviniah Kgautlhe

Location : LOBU

Event : Interview

Date : 12 Mar 2023