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Official urges farmers to play part in tick-borne disease fight

08 Feb 2023

Esther Mmolai


Ngamiland farming community say a tick commonly known as ‘Senkobo or Be mobile’ has impoverished them.

Speaking during a kgotla meeting held in Shorobe on Tuesday, farmers lamented that the tick was uncontrollable in their area, making it a major economic problem. They pleaded with the government to come up with new strategies of fighting the ‘pest’.

In response, Principal veterinary officer, Dr Bruce Mafonko advised the farmers to regularly dip their cattle to prevent tick borne disease, which had been killing animals in the district.

Dr Mafonko said the tick could be easily controlled, if farmers worked together and were at the forefront on the fight, while the government offered support.

He said farmers did not bring all their animals to the ranches during the recent dipping exercise, thus frustrating government efforts to fight the tick, which could also cause heart-water disease.

Dr Mafonko said Shorobe extension area, had a cattle population of 9 000, but only 6 000 animals were dipped, which translated to 60 per cent.

Farmers were urged bring all animals when government offered assistance to reduce ticks and  fight tick-borne diseases.

“It is important to come up with a dipping and dosing programme to avert the disease. I encourage you to buy medicine and do the right thing, eventually the tick would be controlled,” he said.

He promised the farmers that the department would conduct surveillance in seven crushes to assess the tick situation.

On other issues, Dr Mafonko informed the gathering that the department of Veterinary Services was working round the clock to ensure availability of ear-tags, adding however that shortage of ear-tags was a countrywide challenge, as the supplier did not deliver as expected.

An official from department of Animal Production, Mr Eric Mesho also expressed concern about the low turnout of farmers during dipping exercises, saying that the tick could be contained if all played their part.

He advised farmers to take dipping exercises seriously or risk losing their cattle to various disease that could arise from not dipping. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : SHOROBE

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 08 Feb 2023