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Rebuttal to Botswana Guardian article

06 Feb 2023

The Office of the President wishes to rebut allegations peddled in the article titled: President builds Mom State-of-the-art Mansion, which appeared in Botswana Guardian issue of February 3 on Page 4.

A press release from the Botswana Government Communications and Information Systems (BGCIS) states that the article’s insinuation that President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi has engaged the Chinese company, Unik Construction Engineering, to build a magnificent house for his mother in Moshupa by partly using tax payer’s money, is patently false.  
“That this is so, is clearly reflected in the factual averments made by Mr Sasara George, Director of Communications for Unik Constructions Engineering, when contacted by the newspaper to respond to the allegations,” the press release states.
In essence, it says, the allegations on which the sensational article is based have thus been put to rest.  
“Therefore, there is no basis for believing otherwise given the juxtaposition of the allegations by unnamed sources with the facts stated by Mr George, as evidenced in the structure of the narrative by the journalist, Nicholas Mokwena”.
Furthermore, the Office of the President wishes to underscore that the President plays no role whatsoever in the award of government tenders.  
The release says claims about the Moshupa Sanitation Project having been awarded under dubious circumstances, such that it could be exploited by the President to use the company for the construction of the house for his mother, are baseless and unfounded.
 “After all, tender documents are gazetted for all to examine and decisions on them are also made public in the interest of transparency,” the release further states. ENDS


Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : press release

Date : 06 Feb 2023