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Tsogwane urges farmers to upscale small stock production

05 Feb 2023

The Vice President Mr Slumber has implored farmers to enhance production of small stock to meet the demand for export markets.

Mr Tsogwane said during a kgotla meeting in Orapa on Thursday that market secured in Saudi Arabia required a large scale of supply that could be consistent to the market requirements.

He said the number of small stock produced locally was not sufficient  to sustain the lucrative market  in Saudi Arabia.

Farmers, he said should strive to produce high quality breeds with good quality meat that could meet market needs and demands.

Mr Tsogwane noted that small stock produced locally was not even sufficient to supply Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Programme (LIMID), citing that a large number of applicants had not been assisted accordingly due to shortage of goats.

An abattoir for small stock, he said, had been opened in Tsabong to encourage farmers to increase small stock production.

Mr Tsogwane also expressed concern that cattle population was declining across the country, adding that it was critical to increase production and improve breeds. 

Cattle population, he said had dropped from three million to 1.5 million.

He called for promotion of artificial insemination so that high quality breeds could be produced, urging farmers to buy semen from Ramatlabama Artificial Insemination to increase production of high quality breeds.

He stated that the President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi also came up with a programme to ensure that people could procure semen of high breed cattle at lower prices, adding that government was also promoting embryo transfer.

The Vice President was responding to Mr King Disana, who had requested an update on the market secured in Saudi Arabia, expressing concern that there were a large number of goats.Another resident, Mr Joel James also raised a concern that Botswana Meat Commission purchasing prices were low.

Mr James said there was no profit even in the case of improved quality breeds, further calling government to compensate for hyenas which had killed their livestock. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thandy Tebogo

Location : ORAPA

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : 05 Feb 2023