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Sanctified Delight bakery makes strides

12 Sep 2018

The owner of Sanctified Delight Bakery & Cafe in Bobonong, Mr Botsile Moreba says businesses that have  good concepts are marketable and sustainable.

Mr Moreba, who started his business in 2017 through a YDF programme, said that he had always dreamed of operating his own business.

The 27-year-old Bobonong born said that self-belief, determination and commitment were important elements for success and made him to not give up on his dream.

He said that Sanctified Delight Bakery & Cafe, located opposite Matshekge Senior Secondary School in Bobonong specialised in baking loaves, scones, sugar buns, muffins and cakes.

Mr Moreba said his business targeted all clients irrespective of age or buying patterns, adding that establishing a business that dealt with baking bread made more income since bread was not a seasonal food as it was needed every day.

Mr Moreba said he supplied Bobonong Cooperative Society shop as well as three junior and one senior secondary schools in Bobonong with bread adding that they also sell to individuals.

He said that the demand for bread in Bobonong was high and therefore they were unable to meet the target and supply all their customers as the machine they were using was  able to bake only six hundred loaves a day.

Mr Moreba said that his business was making strides since its inception, adding that, such signaled good reception.

“Though I did not attend any school to study food, I learnt to prepare food on my own and sometimes I experiment with varieties of food to see the end product”, he said.

He narrated that his love for food started while still at primary school level.

Mr Moreba who studied marketing and advertising at ST Alphonsa College said that he used fliers and social media like Facebook to promote and create awareness about his business.

He said lack of self-motivation; focus and giving up quickly were some the factors that led to businesses liquidation.

“For entrepreneurs to succeed in the business industry they must dwell into kinds of businesses they loved”, he said.

Mr Moreba advised entrepreneurs to not seek for quick profit when they were in businesses and also they must remain patiently even though they faced challenges. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Moses Moleboge

Location : BOBONONG

Event : Interview

Date : 12 Sep 2018